Purdys Farmer & The Fish Wants To Expand

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Purdys' Farmer & the Fish is planning some changes.
Purdys' Farmer & the Fish is planning some changes. Photo Credit: Katherine Pacchiana

NORTH SALEM, N.Y. – Purdys' popular Farmer & the Fish restaurant wants to expand its dining area to the second floor to accommodate another 24 patrons. Current capacity downstairs is 65, including stools at the bar.

“Have you discussed this with the Health Department yet?” Cynthia Curtis, Planning Board chair, asked at last week's board meeting.

“No,” said Victor Solarik, architect for the restaurant’s owner, Edward Taylor. “We know we have hurdles to cross, but we’re willing to fight that battle. We thought we’d mention it to the Planning Board first.”

“Would you plan to use the existing staircase?” asked Curtis. Solarik said he would and that it would probably be reinforced.

The board members generally discussed precedents, remarking, “When it was the Box Tree, they had a few hotel rooms up there,” and, “The people who owned John-Michael’s had an apartment up there.”

Asked if there would be enough parking for another 24 guests, Solarik responded, “We can add another 17 spaces, though only 14 are required by code.”

Proposed plans also include a closed-in porch outside the take-out door. “It could provide additional handicap access,” said Solarik, “and we could display things there.” It would also be energy-effective with an air-lock entry.

Referring to the site plan, the board members asked, “What do you mean, here, by a ‘temporary’ greenhouse?”

“It will be a hoop structure in one of the former paddocks, enclosed with fabric in the winter months and used to grow vegetables for the restaurant,” Solarik explained. “In good weather it will be uncovered and used to grow flowers and vegetables.” A building permit has already been issued for the structure.

“It’ll be like a garden,” added Taylor.

Between the take-out service and the additional upstairs dining, Solarik estimated that another six employment opportunities would be created.

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Comments (7)

Wasn't Ms Curtis in the advertising campaign for the restaurant? Does their current parking conform to the law because 60 % of the people park across route 22 on NYC land leased for ball fields by North Salem ? Wasn't the zoning use exemption lost years ago when the building was closed for over a year 2 yea

Dear Suca1 ,

We whole heartedly agree with keeping the parking area safe . We are currently working with the planning board to execute a comprehensive parking plan . The expanded parking area will be well drained and lit for safety . We are grateful for the support from our neighbors here in North Salem ,as well as the guidance given to us by the planning board and the building department . We are confident that very soon a well lit expanded parking area will be complete . We would also like to mention at this time that no one should be parking across the street and crossing route 22 . The ball park across the street is just that , a ball field . Once again thank you for your patience , and be assured the expanded parking area will be completed as soon as possible .

Best Regards ,

Edward Taylor

Thank you so much for responding to me....this parking issue truly was my only setback for this restaurant...I am so happy you are on board to help correct it and make it safer. I am all for Farmer and the Fish....I think they have done an amazing job so far, and look forward to many more enjoyable and great dinners there! Thank you!!!

Sound like a great idea for a prosperous restaurant and ambitious owners. As a Planning & Zoning Commissioner here in Iowa, I would be leery about the ability to make the remodel and renovations to meet ADA & Life Safety Codes, especially where there is open flame for cooking and the cozy interior spaces will mean people packed tightly together. Parking is always an issue whether here in Iowa or in Westchester/North Salem area. Here we always approve plans that are well thought out and the commission does not make spur of the moment decisions. Personally I get concerned when people say "the previous owners did it this way or were allowed to do" "Temporary structure" is a warning. I wish the best to both the owners and the members of the P/Z Board to get things worked to a satisfactory conclusion. I can remember when this building belonged to Dennis Zuffo years ago when I lived in Croton Falls. :)

Sounds great.....now all you have to do is add better night time outdoor lighting....VERY Dangerous if crossing rte 22....or even in the parking lot when completely full

Otherwise...you have offered a wonderful addition to this town...Thank you!!

Bravo to the Purdy's Farmer & The Fish.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to your expansion.

Keep the Public informed, which will garner support.