Comedian Joan Rivers, Former Westchester Resident, Dies

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A Brooklyn native, Joan Rivers moved with her family to Larchmont as a child.
A Brooklyn native, Joan Rivers moved with her family to Larchmont as a child. Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Joan Rivers, a colorful and at times controversial comedian and former Larchmont resident, died Thursday afternoon, according to multiple reports.

Rivers, 81, has been hospitalized since Thursday, Aug. 28 when she stopped breathing while undergoing vocal-chord surgery. She was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, where she died. Her death was confirmed Thursday by her daughter, Melissa Rivers, according to NBC News.

Known for her, "Can we talk?" catch phrase, Rivers had a knack for cracking jokes about controversial subjects while often crossing the line when it came to panning celebrities and their wardrobes.

Rivers, whose birth name is Joan Alexandra Molinsky, came into national prominence in 1965, when she appeared on NBC-TV's "Tonight Show." A Brooklyn native, she moved with her family to Larchmont as a child.

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Comments (4)

My deepest sympathy to Melissa. Both she and her mother were very entertaining. I especially enjoyed when they covered the Oscars and interviewed the stars. Joan's passing is a tremendous loss to the entertainment community and all of her fans. I remember Joan from many years ago when she was on the White Plains radio station.

One day I was driving on the eastside and I saw joan rivers walking and was exited that I saw a celebrity walking. So I wanted to take a pic we were in a car so I yelled hi Joan so she look over and she yelled fcuk you. I was like wow but come to find out later she was going to a wake for another famous person. She keep things real...(RIP)

A celebrity walking. Oh God. What happened to this joint?

Hahaha She sure did keep it real -before anyone knew what that meant!

Joan Rivers (and Phyllis Diller) were the 'new generation' of women comics back in the 1960s. I used to see them all the time on the Johnny Carson Show. Rivers was terrific and I am very sorry to see her go.