Lowey 'Very Pleased' With VA Secretary's Resignation

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Rep. Nita Lowey speaks at Mount Kisco's 2014 Memorial Day service.
Rep. Nita Lowey speaks at Mount Kisco's 2014 Memorial Day service. Photo Credit: Tom Auchterlonie

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. -- Speaking after Mount Kisco's Memorial Day service on Friday, Rep. Nita Lowey was supportive of the resignation of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki.

“I was very pleased,” she said.

Lowey, whose congressional district stretches across Westchester County, is the top Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee, which has oversight of the VA. Her district also includes a VA hospital in Montrose. She also recalled having several hearings and closed meetings with Shinseki, with backlog an issue included.

Shinseki's resignation came following the release of an inspector general's interim report - it is available here - concerning schedule and wait time manipulation.

“As soon as that interim report came out, I called for him stepping down,” she said.

Lowey also called the matter the “most outrageous situation I have seen." 

Lowey cited a lack of leadership ability to deal with the allegations as a reason why she wanted Shinseki to resign.

The controversy and report have been major news stories recently, with stories including several public figures calling for Shinseski's resignation.

For more information about the story, click here for Shinseki's resignation statement and here for President Barack Obama's remarks about it.

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Comments (13)

This is another-one who has to go...out of the woodwork these democrats come when its time to be elected. She has been there toooooooo long, has accomplished very little and has become a multimillionaire in the process. Say bye-bye to Anita.

I wish Lowey would resign. Chris Day for Congress!!

How obnoxious and un-American of "Arizona" to use ethnic slurs. We should stick to the issues in our messages and comments and not use offensive name calling. And doesn't the Daily Voice screen out such comments?


Lowey is a fraud, a liar. She's perched in her ivory tower most of the time, and only flies down to spread her gospel to the ignorant.

doesn't sound like you know her very well. maybe you are confusing her with Astorino

Now that the politicians have their scapegoat, I wonder if they will now focus on the systemic problems that have plagued the VA since it was created 70 years ago. For the record, the VA has improved during the tenure of General Shinseki. As a Veteran, I do not blame President Obama, Democrats or Republicans. I also do not blame the hardworking employees of the Veterans Administration who regularly work long hours for meager pay for no other reason than care for our wounded warriors. Blame should be spread equally between both parties and every president that has served in the last 70 years. Rather than look for someone to be angry at, all politicians should look in the mirror and focus on real reform rather than quick fixes and temporary patchwork.

A fat elitist self important JAP. Lowey what have you ever done expect tax and spend and play to your libtard audience. You cannot come for whitefish on Sunday.

shes old as dirt and needs to resign

Well said.

I find the Hon. Ms. Lowey's position of being "pleased" with General Shinseki's resignation to be offensive. Would it not be more appropriate to be saddened by the fact that a highly decorated (though now retired) U.S. Army General proved incapable of moving the behemoth of a bureaucracy called the Veteran's Administration? Shouldn't she be willing to accept some of the responsibility, since she had "several closed door and private" meetings with General Shinseki and yet failed to follow up? Shouldn't she be embarrassed by the services at the VA Hospital in Montrose (her District) that are constantly being cut? Where is the outrage over that? I do not live in Ms. Lowey's District, so she does not represent me (come to think of it, if I did live in her District she still would not represent me) but like most if not all of her colleagues, she is eager to step into the limelight and point her accusatory finger at others without ever accepting responsibility for anything that occurs on her watch.
Perhaps the General was ill suited for the position to which he was appointed, which to me speaks far more about the appointer than the appointee. Yet another good soldier falls on his sword, while our elected "representatives" simply march around the body. Tragic.

Pointing an accusatory finger at others without accepting responsibility for things that occurred on their watch. Can't imagine where she got that idea.