Sections Of Westchester Parkways Flooded As Weekend Rain Continues Sunday

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Portions of the Saw Mill River and Hutchinson River parkways were closed Sunday due to flooding.
Portions of the Saw Mill River and Hutchinson River parkways were closed Sunday due to flooding. Photo Credit: Daily Voice

UPDATE - 7:30 a.m.:

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- All lanes are closed between the Sprain Brook Parkway and the Exit 22-Westchester County Center because of flooding on the Bronx River Parkway.

UPDATE - 7:30 a.m:

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- The Saw Mill River Parkway near Lawrence Street at Mile Marker 6.8 reopened by 7 a.m.

ORIGINAL REPORT - 6:30 a.m.:

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- With as much as 3 inches of rain expected to fall in Westchester County through overnight Sunday, flooding has occurred on local roads, including a portion of the Hutchinson River and Saw Mill River parkways on Sunday.

The Hudson Valley Traveler posted an advisory at 6:30 a.m. that all northbound lanes were closed as a result of flooding on the Hutchinson River Parkway at Mile Marker 7.8 in Mount Vernon at Exit 12 - East Lincoln Avenue.

The speed limit on the Tappan Zee Bridge was lowered to 45 miles per hour due to weather conditions.

The Saw Mill River Parkway at Mile Marker 6.8 in Dobbs Ferry at Exit 16 - Lawrence Street was closed for a time in the southbound direction. Motorists should use Route 9A or the Sprain Brook Parkway as alternate routes.

More flooding is expected as the rain continues.

Check back here Daily Voice for updates.

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Comments (4)

Yes, the politicians are definitely to blame for the heavy rains we've had the past two days.

Your tax dollars at work!! LOL

Rain happens every year. It is quite natural. I live in the County of Westchester, City of Yonkers, for more than 22 years, and I have seen that Saw Mill Parkway is flooded every time when there is more than one inch of rain. Last night ( 3/30/2014) again Saw Mill Parkway Closed. Who should be blamed? My fellow motorists, fellow citizens, this is the time for us to think about our Career Politicians who are controlling the City,and County.Time to throw them out from their positions, and elect new generation candidates who have knowledge and expertise to take care of people's problems. It is outrageous. As an activist ( they made me )I am telling you that this is the time for us the citizens, especially the immigrants, not to support the career politicians. Support candidates from the immigrant community, and they have the brain to fix the problems. Every body knows that why the Saw Mill Parkway is flooded. There is no proper drainage. But these politicians always blaming the nature when our streets are flooded. They are thinking that we don't have brains. I am a Senior Citizens, still I can easily identify the problems. Come to my neighborhood, ( Cheshire Lane, Yonkers, NY 10710) our basements are flooded. It is molded for a long time, and we have to fix it every year and spend thousands of dollars to clean the mess. It was notified the City Council Members, Mayors, since we bought the property almost 20 years ago. But they neglected us. I collected the signatures of the victims, and sent it to the City Council, Mayors,City Council Presidents, engineers, and to all required officials, and two years ago we got the reply that there is not sufficient funds ( shortage of funds), when they get funds they will fix it. You know some thing, we are the taxpayers, and they are collecting money, and not taking care of the taxpayers. Our Street don't have 'Storm Sewer", that is why our streets are flooding every time there is rain. Can you imagine a "Street without Storm Sewer" in the City Of Yonkers and the City allowed the homeowners without building storm sewer on the street.The then CORRUPT City Building Dept.allowed to do so, and they might have thought that the truth will never come out. Politicians are always boasting that Yonkers is the most sophisticated city in the world, and westchester is the haven of immigrants, and collecting more taxes than any other county in the U.S.A. Here we have to think without any party politics. Now we are planning for a protest march against the negligence of the City authority's inability to take care of our Water problem. It is actually a Human Rights issues.They are supposed to declare a " Moratorium" on our taxes until the water problem is fixed permanently.Both City and County officials are responsible for it. I also noticed today that one of the "lucky neighbor", may be an agent of the responsible officials, taking a look at our water problem in the street, they may be laughing inside due to our problem, that is senseless. It is also interesting that some of our career politicians are aiming for state positions now. Shame on you politicians who don't have the sense to fix people's problems.You are senseless in your heart. have mercy on your fellow human beings who are suffering from flood every year. You became merciless. Now we are living in a cyberage so that we can communicate easily. It is better to fix the water problems A.S.A.P. otherwise our children will rise up against you, and the whole world is watching you.We will notify this to the attention of the United Nation's Human Rights Division, and in such a case you should be caught.
Thomas Koovalloor
Human Rights Activist

Dear Mr. Koovalloor, You are absolutely right ! Corrupt politicians are responsible for most of the problems that taxpayers experience on every level. When our elected officials are allowed to accept gifts and or money from special interests, we can never have a government that works for the people. This is a sad fact, one that our forefathers never could imagine. Thanks for a great letter. You are a true activist !