Westchester Legislators Support Increased Child-Care Funding

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Chairman Ken Jenkins and the Westchester Board of Legislators approved a $2.5 million increase in the 2014 proposed budget recently.
Chairman Ken Jenkins and the Westchester Board of Legislators approved a $2.5 million increase in the 2014 proposed budget recently. Photo Credit: File Photo

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- The Westchester County Board of Legislators  formally approved a $2.5 million increase of funding support for the Title XX child-care program, as well as the restoration of two professional positions, as additions to County Executive Robert Astorino's 2014 proposed budget. 

The total spending increase would be paid for through expected revenue from a forthcoming operations deal at Playland Amusement Park, savings found in another child-care program and a reduction in staff spending already proposed in the budget.

Enrollment in the Title XX child-care program has been frozen since 2010. The board's spending addition will increase program enrollment to approximately 400 slots, which some residents and child care advocates stated at the last two public budget hearings as being necessary to meet community needs.

“It’s important that the 2014 County Budget provide a crucial umbrella of protection for the lives of Westchester residents and our natural resources,” County Board Chairman Ken Jenkins (D-Yonkers) said in a statement. “We have focused on balancing the needs of our residents and making decisions that are fiscally responsible in these budget additions. I’m confident that they’ll be part of the final budget negotiations with the Administration.”

The two professional positions the board is seeking to restore are the director of Water Agency and Environmental Project director, both of which are involved with the county’s responsibility in complying with federal law requiring the maintenance of a safe public drinking water system.

The board's Budget & Appropriations Committee will consider deletions to the proposed 2014 budget on Friday, Dec. 6, and a special meeting of the full board will be held on Monday, Dec. 9, to consider adopting the 2014 budget.

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Headline should read Democratic Legislators Support Increased Spending as none of the Republicans support anything Jenkins does.

And why was it that we didn't hear from Ken during the eletion? Probably because he didn't want to contradict Noam's BS claim to being a fiscally responsible politician.

We all know the truth however and its reckless spending like this that's pushing New Rochelle, Westchester & NY to the brink and something we need to remember when voting next year.

Ask yourself, what really are Andrea Stewart-Cousins & George Latimer doing to control taxes? Guaranteed you won't vote for either of them.