Letter: North Salem School District Must Cut Costs Or Face Loss Of Students

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To the editor: 

The North Salem School District spent on average $31,000 to educate one student last year.

North Salem is the fourth most expensive on the basis of cost per student of all school districts in Westchester and Putnam County as compiled by the independent study performed annually by BOCES. The only districts that were more expensive than North Salem were Pocantico Hills, Katonah-Lewsiboro and Greenburgh. Based on the expected expenditures for the current year North Salem moves into the third slot.


North Salem was the second most expensive in the category of instructional costs only being exceeded by Pocantico Hills. Yes, North Salem is more expensive than districts considered to provide an exceptional educational products such as Chappaqua, Scarsdale and Edgemont.

In the category of employee benefits, North Salem was second only to Katonah-Lewisboro.

In the category of costs relating to the Board of Education, superintendent’s office, finance and related staff North Salem was the fourth most expensive.

The student population in North Salem continues to decline and based upon a study performed independently for the board is expected to continue to decline significantly during the next decade.

Significant economies need to be planned by the board as it undertakes the budget for the ensuing year if North Salem wants to continue to be an independent district. In the long run I believe that economies will dictate that the district expand its boundaries and potentially enter into multiple mergers with other districts.

Bill Lang
North Salem

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Comments (3)

Mr. Lang is being courageous. Fight the good fight, I say. What's more, I'll gladly join you. I was flabbergasted when I read this month's Compass. The metrics the school district is using to evaluate our "investment" in it are ridiculous. It's downright deceitful to say a school is doing well because the students play a lot of sports and volunteer their time to causes of their own free will, because the staff is involved with some bureaucratic rigamarole, because the students do field trips to Washington DC, and because PQ students are doing some feel good Newtown therapy program. Gag me. We have a right to know what these kids are actually LEARNING. The fact that the school is an open campus school with some seniors spending only a few hours a day in the building means they are LEARNING little to nothing at school. At a cost of $31,000 each. How in the world does that make any sense?

Jerry has a good point. I graduated from NSHS in 2010. The rumor mill was always going on about how much certain administration people and particular teachers got.

In terms of the students, we seemed to get "enough" and had a very good education, however there are a lot of staff members that cost a TON. The students need to money more than the teachers.

Also, what was really stupid was getting rid of the armed state police officer on campus during school hours. He was basically gotten rid of due to rising teacher costs.

It was great to have him there while I was in school, and about a year after Sandy Hook they got rid of it. Not sure what is in place now. Maybe they have another one now? Not sure.

Either way, the decline in the population is due to the fact that the town taxes are ludacris. I love North Salem but at $26,000 a year or more for some in taxes, a person can get a larger home and pay half that in CT, MA or other places in New England or upstate NY.

Mr lang, all the education political machine has to do to defeat you is say \" FOR THE CHILDREN" The superintend makes more than the governor and the NYC schools chancellor combined for about 1000 students " for the children" Teachers not teaching from 9-5 with summers off make more than acute care nurses " for the children " Perhaps it would be better for all concerned if you would join all other north salem taxpayers and drink the kool aid " FOR THE CHILDREN "