North Salem Resident Complains About Neighbor's Light

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The North Salem Police investigated a complaint about a neighbor's outside light shining into a resident's bedroom. Photo Credit: Katherine Pacchiana

NORTH SALEM, N.Y. ‒ A Cove Road resident got fed up one night last week because because her neighbor’s lamp post light shone into her bedroom.

The neighbor was purposely harassing her, she told police. Officer Paul Smith investigated and determined that the lamp was an ordinary light bulb, not a spotlight.

The complainant had already filed a complaint, scheduled to be heard in North Salem Town Court in the future.

Also from the North Salem Police blotter: 

  • In response to the Sandy Hook shootings, Officer Ralph Argiento conducted a special detail on Friday, visiting all North Salem schools frequently throughout the day. The detail included monitoring student arrivals and dismissals. The North Salem Police performed  a total of 20 walk-throughs during the week following the shooting. There were no incidents, nor any suspicious activity.
  • A sewer construction job by Landscape Unlimited at Pietsch Gardens was interrupted on Dec. 20 by an Orchard Drive resident who objected to where and the way the work was being done. Despite the company representative’s explanation that the work was in compliance with the engineers’ plans, the resident first physically barred the way and then parked his vehicle in a way that blocked the movement of trucks. After an argument, the resident reluctantly moved his car, but the representative feared he might be run over and reported the incident to police.
  • On Christmas Eve Sgt. Andrew Brown patrolled the environs of North Salem’s annual Community Christmas Tree Lighting celebration, at the request of the North Salem Improvement Society. There were no incidents.

Correction: A previous version of this story stated that police performed 20 walk-throughs at North Salem schools on Dec. 21. There were 20 walk-throughs altogether during the week after the Sandy Hook shooting.

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