Ball Blasts Cuomo For I-84 Closure Decision

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State Sen. Greg Ball.
State Sen. Greg Ball. Photo Credit: File Photo

CORTLANDT, N.Y. -- State Sen. Greg Ball (R,C,I-Patterson) issued a statement Wednesday regarding Gov. Andrew Cuomo's closure of Interstate 84 from just after dawn until early afternoon during the winter storm.

The following is the complete statement from Sen. Ball: 

“I thank the Governor for his proactive, hands on approach to many issues but the constant closure of Interstate 84 is doing more harm than help. We are witnessing tractor-trailers forced onto back roads and emergency personnel like doctors and nurses unable to get to their jobs.

"New Yorkers can smartly handle snow without completely shutting down a major thoroughfare every time Mother Nature drops some white stuff on our heads. Our work crews are awesome and capable of keeping up with all but the worst if situations. Lets find and support them properly and allow them to do their jobs. Shutting down the interstate between the Pennsylvania and Connecticut border forces travelers to take more dangerous back roads.

"This is now the second time in two months that we have shut down the interstate. While I understand shutting down the road in extreme weather conditions for public safety and to allow road crews to do their work, we need to find a commonsense alternative to this drastic option. I commend all the state and local road crews who have been doing a wonderful job. However, let's not paralyze our state every time we have snowstorm.”

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Comments (3)

I guess he is going to run for Governor now...

one more reason to discount anything Greg Ball has to say about anything. Cuomo's decision to close Interstates in dangerous weather conditions IS common sense. Sorry if it inconvenienced one of your donors, or ex-girlfriends, Greg.

As usual Greg Ball looking for an issue to make his office relevant. Is the inconvenience of driving on the back roads worse than people dying on I84 ?
I guess you are unaware of what happened in Georgia last week.
I voted for you in the last two elections but I won't make that mistake again.
Judging from what Westchester County Board Chairman Mike Kaplowitz has accomplished too bad he did not finish you off 4 years ago.