U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Endorses Bramson

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Westchester County Executive candidate Noam Bramson was endorsed by fellow Democrat U.S. Sen.Kirsten Gillibrand.
Westchester County Executive candidate Noam Bramson was endorsed by fellow Democrat U.S. Sen.Kirsten Gillibrand.

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- New Rochelle Mayor and Westchester County Executive candidate Noam Bramson received the endorsement of U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. 

"I'm pleased to support Noam Bramson for Westchester County Executive," Gillibrand said of her fellow Democrat in a statement. "He stands up for women's reproductive rights and lobbied the state to pass the Women's Equality Act that would have ensured women finally receive equal pay for equal work. He supports sensible gun safety laws like universal background checks. I need partners like Noam to fight for our values at all levels of government, and I look forward to working with him in the years ahead."

Bramson noted Gillibrand's values when accepting the endorsement from the senator. 

"Sen. Gillibrand has always stood up for middle class families. I'm proud to have her on our team," Bramson said in a statement. "She is a strong proponent of the values Westchester Xounty shares, and is a leader in the fight for women's equality and sensible gun safety standards."

Following a debate with Republican incumbent Robert Astorino on Monday, Bramson also received the endorsement of former President Bill Clinton. 

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Comments (35)

Noam Bramson is a Jim Crow racist.

So all the leftist hacks are out in force for the leftist hack Bramson? What an insane state we live in.

And hacks to the right are out in full force. You can always move to Upstate NY if you want to be surrounded by the Right ... or you can move down South. No one making you stay in New York.

Democrats like Gillibrand are one note - ABORTION.

Sing that note and you get their vote.

Republicans are one note - Destroy anyone who's breathing.

You're idea of compassion - 1) Have baby without father. 2) Get welfare. 3) Get food stamps. 4) Get Section 8 Housing. 5) Get Head Start. 6) Don't work because if you work you lose benefits. 7) Eighteen years later, your daughter has a baby without a father. 8) Repeat cycle for multiple generations, and completely destroy work ethic, motivation, independence, and most importantly - MARRIAGE.

ruby, I'll correct you on #7 - they start having babies much younger than 18, usually at 13. And by the time they're 18, they'll very likely have 4 children, each with a different father, none of whom will be around to provide financial support.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Ruby, but you're wrong. State and federal law don't provide the same protections. State and federal law don't include buffer zones, which are very necessary. The state law is also very hard to enforce, because you have to prove that someone was trying to prevent a victim from accessing a clinic to get a conviction. That's almost impossible to do for any crime.

I suggest you contact your state assemblyman and senator and get a state law passed. Andrew Cuomo, who is as pro-choice as you can get, will sign it. And are women actually being harassed at abortion clinics in Westchester County? I doubt it. And like it or not, there is something called the 1st amendment that allows citizens to peacefully protest against what they don't like, and that includes abortion.

Hey Noam, do you know what office you're running for? Astorino's position on abortion and gay marriage are irrelevant. You're pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. So am I. But you insult my intelligence by bringing up issues that have nothing to do with being Westchester's County Executive. What's your position on bombing Syria, Noam? I need to know. What a dope!

This is silly. Astorino vetoed a clinic access bill that would have protected women at health centers from the kinds of vile attacks that they have to suffer at the hands of some real crazies. That decision by Rob hurt Westchester, and is directly relevant to this race.

State and federal law already provide this protection. Nice try. The law was proposed to score political points, nothing else.

The Dems are pusing is to legalize LATE term abortions and nothing else.

But don't bite into the arguement though as its truly not something county government should even get involved in. Noam probably would like to bring it to the county as he does favor a big and badder government, but that tends to get expensive as we saw when Andy Spano was County Executive.

Don't believe me? Then look at his handling of New Rochelle where he hasn't lowered or cut ANY expenses. He annually assails the NRFD with threats but then caves in at the last moment. Big part of why New Rochelle's taxes are high and going higher.

Actually that's not true. He's cut expenses by cutting energy expenses on buildings/properties owned by the city. As well as better management of storm water runoff that were causing problems with the Water filtration center, which was costing the city more money. Those expenses have been lowered.

Meanwhile ... Astorino ... keeps costing the county more money by not avoiding avoidable lawsuits.

And to score political points, he's borrowed money instead of raising taxes. That's not lowering taxes and it's NOT saving the county money. But it's great talking points to confuse voters.

Why should the county roll over to the feds & give in? We shouldn't is the answer. And thanks to Rob Astorino the county isn't giving in to the feds.

Yeh, Noam did some improvements to city hall that may or may not have lowered our utility expense, but at what cost? If I remember correctly, New Rochelle had to borrow $2-$3 million to make the building more energy efficient so guess what? No reduction in expenses because while yes NR saves a few dollars on gas & electric, the city's paying more on the loan payment than its saving in utilites.

Another fine example of Noamanomics where the numbers never add up!

Hey Noam, do you know what office you're running for? Astorino's position on abortion and gay marriage are irrelevant. You're pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. So am I. But you insult my intelligence by bringing up issues that have nothing to do with being Westchester's County Executive. What's your position on bombing Syria, Noam? I need to know. What a dope!

If abortion and gay marriage is irrelevant ... why ask about Noam's position on Syria? ... that's really irrelevant for a County Executive.

The questions about Abortion and Marriage Equality is important to me as a Westchester resident ... it's an indication about how he feels about overall equality, not equality for a select few. His feeling about Abortion is an indication about how he feels about women, and our rights over OUR OWN bodies. It's an indication that he thinks Government belongs in my uterus and that of my daughters. His stance is an indication about his religious views, which shouldn't be his concern since in Westchester we have many religious views and they may not be like Astorino's, but he seems to be willing to force his religious beliefs on others.

I want to know how Astorino plans on paying for the fines he's cost Westchester County and how's he's willing to risk the safety of OUR water supply? A $30,000 fine every day for the past 3 years ... how's he going to pay for that $40+ Million bill??

I want to know why he closed down the Mental Health Clinics and forced all of those patients to have to come to Mount Vernon? As a resident of Mount Vernon, i don't mind caring for our own residents, but we can NOT afford to take care of the rest of the County's mental health patients that can't afford Private Luxury Mental Health treatment.

I want to know what jobs has Astorino actually created?

I want to know why Astorino supporters think that borrowing money, is better than raising taxes? Especially considering that borrowing money costs more money, it's called interest rate on money borrowed.

i would like to know why Astorino went after Child Care and why he's not paying Child Care providers/facilities on a timely basis for services these establishments provided?

Child care affects men and women, but let's be really child care affects working women the most. Women make less money than men, many are head of their households, the main/only breadwinner ... so by not providing affordable child care, is a way from denying women the ability to work or keep their jobs.

If Astorino doesn't pay those child care facilities on a timely basis, how can they stay in business or continue providing safe child care?

Astorino in my opinion ... is not for ALL of Westchester County. Astorino seems to be only interested in serving selected people, for selected communities, while he's willing to hurt and place in jeopardy, hard working Westchester residents in particular Women.

If those issues are so important to Noam, why doesn't he run for the state assembly or senate as they aren't county level issues?

Oh right he tried that before & lost.

You totally missed the obvious sarcasm - how stupid. Those social issues are just distractions in this race. And you ramble on with all of them, sucked right into the fuzz. Now that you are on the subject - if you feel so strong about women's rights, what about the 10 and 16 month old females being aborted. Wouldn't it be nice if someone watched out for them? These girls aborted just 5 years ago would be in kindergarten right now. Yes, call it 'choice' if it makes you feel better, but it is a bad one. Child care for working mothers, paid for by the govt??? Smarten up. And your finance expertise, super. Are you really running for a city council seat? That is pretty scary

Aren't you same type of people who refuse to pay for child care, early childhood education, real education, health care ... so you only support fetuses in the womb, but are willing to basically slowing kill them once their alive and breathing?

The Republican argument ... we want small government, so small it fits in women's uteruses. The fetus is protected, the mother and children eh not so much. Your wife is dying, oh well that's her problem, just save the fetus. We need to increase the future prison population my friends make money off of, with their Private Prisons.

You missed my sarcasm regarding Syria and Noam Bramson. I care about his position on Syria as much as I do about his position on abortion. I don't. They are not relevant to the position of County Executive.

And he's not forcing his religious beliefs on anyone, for goodness sakes. He's against abortion. So what? You are one of these zealots who would vote for anyone if his or her opponent were against abortion, even for the position of dog catcher.

With respect to child care, I have a suggestion. To all you single women out there who have no means of supporting a child and/or don't have a close relative who can look after the child while you are at work, don't have one. Avoiding pregnancy is extraordinarily easy and cheap. And there still is something called marriage you could try.

I love how people think that single women become single by choice. That's really sad and shortminded. Husbands die, they leave too. Some aren't worth keeping around and sadly many women don't find that out until they get married or pregnant. So husbands get injured and can't work or care for their children. Some but not the majority get pregnant because of a one night stand.

Your statement shows you fail to understand Domestic Violence and you fail to understand some men just refuse to stay with one women and they enjoy spreading their seeds.

You can't be anti-abortion and then believe humans beings won't have sex or that condoms break and birth control pills don't work 100% of the time.

Not everyone has family, there are people who do grow up being orphans, or they no longer live in the same state or city as their family. Some people can't trust their relatives. And imagine this, relatives that happen to have their own jobs.

Avoiding pregnancy is neither easy nor cheap. Apparently you haven't had to pay for birth control out of your own pocket. Or perhaps you don't happen to have a unique body that requires an uber expensive prescription. Birth control can cost upwards of a $1000 per month. That is NOT cheap.

Oh and marriage ... lol because THAT guarantees a woman a safe, healthy and free ride to freedoms and equality. Whoohooo!!

Some husbands still don't change diapers. Some husbands don't care to afford anything for their offspring ... You do remember it typically takes TWO to make a baby ... Some husbands can't afford their own children or wife or their side pieces.

You seem to lack an understanding of human beings and you lack empathy towards other women. You must have been that Superwomen so many talk about. The woman invincible to your own body, who knows how to shut down that pregnancy and get pregnant to the month and day of proper planning. Because planning pregnancies is what human being have been doing for Thousands of years!! It's all been so well planned.

Also, most anti-abortionist stem from religious beliefs. It's also a male dominating way to control a woman, keep her pregnant and keep her dependent.

In as much as a CE has no legislative rights over abortion, he can close clinics he can suddenly deem a hazard to the community.

My point was to his character and beliefs which will affect his governance of the community in which I live, pay taxes and raising my family.

I will respond to future posts from my new account.

Still I don't think you'll find much support for LATE term abortions which is what you want to legalize. So sad when that woman from New Rochelle went to Maryland last January for a late term abortion and ended up dead herself. It really is cruel but that's your choice.

"Character and beliefs" ? Are you kidding, Damaris? Take a drive through downtown New Rochelle and get a a close up view of Bramson's beliefs about his community. You remember Bramson, don't you? The guy you haven't mentioned a single time in your ponderous essays here, about everything BUT the bread and butter, dollars and cents issues which plague every Westchester taxpayer in this crap economy.
And you want to be a public servant? Please, go join the ranks of Community Organizers some place, at least your issues would be out on the table, instead of masked behind a title of a "public servant".
I wouldn't vote for you with a gun to my head.

Damaris - You've got issues -

Bramson is a HACK, who owes EVERYBODY for any "success" he has had in his pitifully boring and irrelevant career. Astorino is a man who has actually ACHIEVED something while in office, such as his fiscally responsible policies. To hell with Gilibrand and her endorsement. Go Rob Go!!

Oh boy I'm impressed! Makes me wish tomorrow was Election Day. Can't wait to cast my vote for Astorino!

Shocking. A Dem supporting a Dem.


Love Senator Gillibrand! Noam is gonna win this thing big.

Bramson will lose "this thing" big. Then he can go whimpering back to Nita Lowey.

I got a hankie he can borrow.

If he was that good of a candidate what took her so long?

Because voters would have forgotten about the endorsement weeks or months ago.

Also, New York State is a large state that she represents. This is election season, and it's happening through out NYS. Many elections and a lot of ground that she has to cover as a Senator for NYS.

She's rubber stamping endorsements for any and every Democratic candidate. God forbid if she should work with the other side of aisle, let alone endorse one of them. Talk about a lack of free thinking.

So when Republicans endorse every, any and only Republican candidate, that's not rubber stamping?