North Salem's Peach Lake May See New Construction

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The new sewer system has made new construction possible at North Salem's Peach Lake.
The new sewer system has made new construction possible at North Salem's Peach Lake. Photo Credit: Katherine Pacchiana

NORTH SALEM, N.Y. – Residents used to seeing only three or four new houses in North Salem in any given year can expect to see a new wave of building in the Peach Lake area, according to building inspector Bruce Thompson.

“The numbers have been pretty standard for a long time,” said Thompson, a 12-year veteran of the job, “but we do process a lot of permits for additions and alterations every year.”

The number of new houses around town may not fluctuate much, but what Thompson does expect to see in the future is a change in the “dynamic” at Peach Lake. 

“Even though a lot of the houses there have been converted from modest summer homes to year-round houses, you couldn’t start from scratch because you couldn’t get a permit from the Board of Health,” he explained.

Connection to the new sewer system is limited to the 470 residences already in place, but it will now be possible to replace those houses with new construction.

“With lake rights at a premium, the new ones will be nice homes,” said Thompson. “But because of the zoning, they won’t be multi-million dollar homes.”

Peach Lake’s three cooperative developments, Bloomerside, Pietsch Lake and Vail’s Grove, are zoned R-1, indicating one dwelling on one acre. With setbacks, floor-to-area ratios, height restrictions and other considerations, the size of a house is limited.

Thompson said that he expects there will be a lot of requests for variances because people will want to build bigger houses.

One far-sighted property owner went ahead and built a modular home in anticipation of the new sewers going in, Thompson added. “The house was all ready and just waiting to be connected to the sewer. Now they can move in.”

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Well not all of will see construction around Peach Lake...I need to rebuild my 1929 cottage in Pietsch Gardens and can not because there are no plot plans. So I am prohibited from moving forward even after the sewer connections are made. Apparently way to costly for the Co-Op to do..I bought my house thinking that all the paperwork was in order almost 10 years ago. Paid big bucks for all the title searches on the property and 10 years later the town as no paperwork in my folder of my home and the co-op has no defined property lines. Go figure. Can't make it up. But what I did get was my taxes raised by having my home assessed and trying to get some paperwork in my folder. I had to apply for a variance for a shed that was on the property when I bought it and pay over $500 for a plot plan based on what I thought was a legitimate property line. Come to find out that plan never made it into a folder after the application for the variance..So there ya have it!! I will have a working connection to a sewer plant but not a house to connect it to.